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Why You Need a Website for Your Business:

It is a common fact that many business owners (especially small businesses’), still think that they do not need a website and/or that their business cannot afford a website. This is far from the truth: any business can greatly profit from having a website and no business needs to break the bank to have one designed.

1 – It is you online business card.small business website designer

A business website is indispensable for any serious business, so people can find its information. You can display your basic business information, such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail, hours of operation, etc…

2 – It is your 24/7 shop or office.

Your customers expect you to have a website. A website sells your products or services online. If your company cannot be found online you risk to be considered as out-dated and somewhat untrustworthy.

3 – You need to get on the mobile frenzy. 

  • Nearly 75% of Americans have a smartphone and use it to find businesses just like yours.
  • The number of tablet owners is predicted to reach 1.4 billion by 2018.

4 – You have to be where your customers are: the Internet.

LocalVox reports that 70% of US households use the Internet to shop locally for products and services.


websites for small businesses5 – A mobile-friendly website is a must.

If you are a local business and have a mobile-friendly website, Google will help you by showing your business in the “near me” search results.

That is if your website is well-optimized…[Read more about how our we can optimize your website and  help your business].

If someone on a phone or tablet, searches for “pet groomer” New York, Google will show results only for that city, and close to the searcher location, at that exact moment.

In addition, if your business is close by and is a good fit for the search, chances are, your website will be among the search results.

The importance of having a mobile-friendly/responsive website for any local business is now bigger than ever!

6 – Having a website will establish your credibility.

Because many of your competitors already have a website, you must keep up with them. Having a website for your business will build up your brand.

Everyone Googles everything: products, services, shops, restaurants and company’s reviews.

Also, an online presence will give your customers the opportunity to leave reviews on your website and social media network (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc…).  It is a great way to connect with them and get extra online exposure!

Finally, you will also be able to keep them informed by posting promotions, new products or services, informative articles and so on.

How to start building your business website?

First of all, write down what your message is to your customers:

  • Why people should care.
  • Why they should choose you.
  • What makes you different.
  • What kind of solutions do offer them to resolve their problems.

Furthermore, try to put yourself in their shoes: what will they look for when visiting your website? How are your products or services different/better from your competitors?

Finally, when you have your message and content figured out, you are ready to start building your website.

In Conclusion

  • A website is your online business card.
  • Your online business is open 24/7/365.
  • Your customers are on-the-go, searching constantly for businesses like yours on their mobile devices.
  • You need a mobile-friendly website to have a chance to show up in Google search results.
  • You must be where your customers are to serve them online and connect with them.
  • Having a website will re-enforce your business credibility.
  • If your competitors have a website, so should you.

If you need help with a website design or re-design, please get in touch with us…We would love to help you and see you succeed online!