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Google Posts are Free.

Google Posts appear on Google search and maps. They will show on your business Knowledge panel, right under your business information. You can promote your products, services, events, offers and promotions.

Visitors can tap it to read the full post, click on a button (linked to your website, your event, offer or promotion) and share your post.

They are really beneficial for any business looking for extra traffic to their site and to convert visitors into customers. Not to If you want to take your Local SEO efforts to the next level, this is be a powerful tool.

How do I create Google Posts?

1 – Google My Business.

if you don’t have a Google My Business listing you will need to create one.

2 – Go to your Google My Business account (or create one).

Under “Home” click on “Posts”.

create google posts

3 – Image. 

Upload a high-quality, eye-catching image.

4 – Text.

You are allowed up to 58 characters for the title. The description should be 150- 300 characters. Make sure the text doesn’t get cut off though.

5 – Buttons.write google posts

  • event: promote an event at your location.
  • reserve: if you have a restaurant this is a great way to get more business.
  • sign-up: it can be for a class, a newsletter…
  • buy: you can link your post to your website product pages.
  • get offer: offer a promo code, daily specials to attract customers.
  • learn more: link your button to your website, article, social media page.

For more information check this documentation.

What will my Google Posts look like?

what are google posts

They appear in a carousel  under your business Knowledge Panel , right under your hours and phone number.

The most recent post is displayed first, then the second most recent and the older ones are in the carousel.

Google will show up to 10 posts. They expire after 7 days though (except for the event ones, which expire after the event’s date).

Therefore, to fully take advantage of this feature make sure to keep re-writing new posts.

In addition,  Google Posts are rather prominent on mobile devices. They appear at the top of Search Results.

Therefore, they will be the first thing users see. It’s the perfect way to grab the mobile users’ attention with your latest promotions and offers.

How will I know how many people click on my buttons?

In your Google My Business account, go back to your posts page. You will be able to see how many views and clicks each post received.

In Conclusion

Google Posts are a great opportunity for any business to receive free, extra online exposure.

  • sign up for a Google My Business account.
  • make sure that all the information is correct.
  • create up to ten posts.
  • see which ones get the most engagement.
  • re-create the most popular every week.

If you need help with setting up a Google My Business account and/or write posts, get in touch with us…We would love to help you and see you succeed online!