High Quality Images Are A Must.

With image centric social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest and others, images have become an universal language.


70% of e-commerce websites visitors say that the quality of a product image is extremely important in selecting a product.


Image editing will turn poor-quality photos into better representations of your products.

  • Images have a purpose: they explain your visitor what your products/services are in a few seconds.
  • Images need to be effective: emotional appeal – does it make the user want it? Rational appeal – does it show the benefits of the products/services? Brand appeal – Do the photos fit your brand?
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to contact a business if its images shows up on local search results.
  • Consumers think that a quality product image is more important than its description (54%), its ratings & reviews (53%) and its specifications (63%).
  • All images need to be optimized in order to upload fast on any devices. No one will wait for more than a few seconds for your content to upload.

High quality photos retain attention.

Can’t you almost smell the coffee?

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