What is Voice Search & Voice Search Optimization?

Who uses Voice Search?

Voice search is simply talking to your device instead of typing. Voice search is exploding! According to Google, voice searches make up 20% of all mobile searches.

This rapid growth is mainly due to the fact that the technology of capturing voice commands is much more accurate than before. Google’s speech recognition error rate today is 8% vs. 25% 2 years ago.

55 % of teenagers are using voice search daily, and 56 % of adults use it because it makes them feel more “tech-savvy.”

Why optimize your website for Voice Search?

Businesses need to adapt their website’s in order to bring in voice-search-visitors.  ComScore estimates that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be done by voice.

Voice search optimization is a must for any business who wants to stay current with the technology.

If voice search optimization is not included in your SEO program, your website will not be found by voice search users.

Big companies are spending millions to improve their voice assistants: Google Now, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa…to name a few. Be part of it by optimizing your website for voice search!

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) usage growing so rapidly, we need to employ new SEO strategies to adapt and take advantage of this new opportunity .

How do People use Voice Search

voice search optimization
Users like the facts that voice search is hand-free, fast, accurate and has the ability to understand complex queries.


  • personal assistant: shopping lists, calendars, appointments, to-do lists, phone call reminders, online booking.
  • entertainment: games, music, videos, social media, sports, TV listings.
  • general information: web search, recipes, news, travel, banking & finance.
  • local information: restaurants, shopping, pizza, directions, home services, weather, reviews, local events, traffic.   [Source: Hound voice app]

How to optimize a  website for Voice Search?

People use natural and conversational language when speaking to their device. They ask longer questions. “computer” language When typing, people tend to use “computer language. They use shorter sentences, usually only about 2 to 3 words.


  • For example, they would type “big screen TV”, but would ask “what is the best big screen TV deal near me”. So, if your website sells big screen TV’s and contains the phrase “the best big screen TV deal in your City/State”, chances are that your information will be presented to the user searching for that.
  • Mobile voice search is 3 times more likely to be local-based than text search. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for any business to acquire on-the-go-voice-search potential customers. Optimizing for local and mobile search will help increase your website ranking for many voice searches.
  • Voice search optimization is becoming the new SEO for any business who wants to keep up with online success.
  • We need to think about how your potential customers would phrase queries and integrate them in your website content using a more colloquial style.
  • Even though there is no way to tell which visitors are reaching your site through voice search (Goggle is working on it), we will look for natural language queries in your website Analytics and use them in your SEO strategy.


Give your visitors informative content, written in a conversational way, answering whatever queries they might have and “OK Google”, “Hey Siri” and others, will reward you by sending them your way.

While Google does not penalize websites for not being “voice search friendly,” the websites that will compete with the Big Dogs are incorporating voice search optimization in their marketing strategies.

And of course, your website MUST be mobile-friendly! Why? Because 20% of mobile queries are voices searches, and it’s only the beginning…Moreover, If your website is not mobile-ready yet, Google will not show it in its search results.

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