Web design questions & answers.

What web design questions should you ask a website designer before hiring anyone?

A website design project is a personal and financial investment.  Therefore, it is important to ask the right questions before hiring any web design company.

You need to be comfortable with the process and the company itself, who should be happy to answer any of your questions.

1. Do you meet with your clients in Stamford CT area?


Definitely. We have met (and still do), with many of our clients in Stamford, Greenwich, Ridgefield, Darien, Wesport CT area.

We believe that building a strong and lasting relationship is very important. We design and develop websites and continue delivering SEO and maintenance services to most of our customers.

2. How long will it take to complete the website project?


First of all, it depends on the size and complexity of the web project. A website needs to be planned, designed, developed and optimized (if optimization services are chosen by the client). [read more about website optimization].

in addition, the cooperation from the client is also a big factor: how long does it take the customer to provide the website’s content such as text and images, answer questions the designer/developer might have, etc…

3. What publishing platform do you use?


We find WordPress to be the best CMS (content management system). It is a powerful, yet flexible web publishing software. We will open an account for you that you will own.

  • Around 15,886,000 websites on the entire web use WordPress, including USA Today, CNN, Fortune.com, TIME.com, National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC and more.
  • WordPress has 40,000+ plugins in it’s directory, and counting. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that a web designer & developer can tailor the site to their customer’s specific needs.

4. Do you offer web hosting & domain name registration services?


We use Godaddy.com or Bluehost.com. We create an account for you (that you will own) and choose the best plan for your needs. You will be charged yearly for the service.

5. How will my website be found online?


We will focus on Search Optimization: on-site and off-site optimization. As a result, your website will increase its visibility.

  • On-site optimization: we will add keywords and key phrases to your page titles, descriptions, text, images to help search engines direct visitors to your website.
  • Off-site optimization: this is an on-going process which should be done over time. Web directory listings, social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…),¬†Local business listings, article submission…

6. How will I track my website traffic?


  • Implementing Google Analytics (free) is a good way to track your website traffic. You can learn about your visitors behavior: how many pages did they look at, how long did they spend on your site, what keywords did they use and much more.
  • There are also paid services that we can add to your website such as WebStat. You can get a lot of information about your website traffic from such web tracking services.

7. Do you guarantee search placement?


No one can guarantee search placement. We will do everything possible to have your website rank as well as possible with search engines.

It also depends on many factors such as:

  • How strong your competition is.
  • How well-optimized your competitors are.
  • Do your competitors advertise on-line.
  • Have they been in business for a long time. Is their brand well-established.

We offer monthly search engine optimization services, which over time builds your online presence.

8. Will my website be mobile-friendly?mobile friendly websites


Not only your website will be mobile-friendly, it will be responsive.

Consequently, you will have one website which will adapt itself to whichever screen size the viewer is using.

Your website will look beautiful on all screens, from desktops, tablets to smartphones.

9. How long have you been in business?


Experience is important in any industry. We have been in the Web Design & Development business since 2005. As a result, we have helped many small, medium and large companies to succeed on-line, and most of them are still our customers.

While we strive in building lasting relationships with our clients, we also love working with new ones. Finally, you can read some of their testimonials about working with us.

10. Have you received any awards?


Yes. We have received Best of Stamford in web design & services category award in 2015 & 2016.

In addition, Design Firms Web Design Awarded us in 2016 & 2017.

11. Could I contact a couple of your customers for references?


Yes. Absolutely. With their permission, we can provide you with their e-mail address and you can ask them any questions you might have about us and/or our web design & development services.

You can also read what they have to say about Web Dezine It in our customer testimonials.

12. Do you offer website maintenance services after the website is designed?


Yes. It is important to maintain your website. We will make sure that everything is running smoothly and that it is functioning well. The fee will also include making minor changes to the content to keep it fresh and relevant.

Catherine was patient and skillful in helping me identify not only the best pictures to use, but also exactly what I was trying to accomplish with this new tool to develop more business in my home area. Her skills and the resulting product was so much more than I hoped for---and the positive reaction to it has been overwhelming.

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